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Vandred Anrathi

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Possessed Night Lord known as The Exalted; for the planet, see Vandred.

Vandred Anrathi, also known as The Exalted, was a Sergeant of the Night Lords Space Marine Legion and by M41 had become the commander of the Warband known as The Exalted.


Allying with Abaddon the Despoiler and allowing himself to be possessed by a Daemon, Vandred became a shadow of his former self, twisted by the Gods of Chaos and Abaddon to their own ends and disregarding the vision of their Primarch, Konrad Curze. This provoked tension with the "prophet" of First Claw, Talos Valcoran.[1a]

After First Claw was betrayed by Abaddon's Black Legion on the Imperial Industrial World of Crythe, Talos decided that The Exalted was no longer fit for command. Convinced the Exalted was no longer a fit commander, Talos settled on the bold action of awakening Malcharion, First Claw's slumbering Dreadnought which held the remains of its former Captain. Vandred attempted to stop the reawakening, deploying one of his Terminator bodyguards, Vraal, to slay Talos and his allies. However the attempt failed, and Malcharion was reawakened.[1b]

Eventually, however, Vandred became disgusted with the behavior of the Black Legion and its attempts to use First Claw as disposable cannon fodder in Abaddon's Wars. This helped Vandred begin to overcome the Daemon inside of him and regain some of his former composure. Refusing to allow his men to be a pawn in the Despoiler's schemes, Vandred rescued his forces on Crythe from Imperial Space Marines, had First Claw battle its way through Blood Angels, and left the warzone.[1c]

Shortly afterwards, the Exalted decided to dock at Hell's Iris in order to fully repair and refit their ship, the Covenant of Blood. First Claw were deployed as the warband's ambassadors upon reaching Hell's Iris, and taken to meet the lord of the station, Huron Blackheart. Huron agreed to refit and repair the Covenant of Blood in return for a labor-debt; the Night Lords of the Exalted would accompany him on a military campaign as his vanguard. The Exalted agreed to this price, but principally for motives entirely separate for earning the repair of the Covenant. For amongst the Red Corsair fleet was a vessel the Night Lords recognized; the Echo of Damnation, sister-ship to their own, somehow now a prize vessel of the renegade 'weakbloods'. The Exalted and all his warband resolved to take it back.[2a]

Following along with Huron's plan, the Exalted's warband deployed onto the world of Vilamus in stealth, invading the fortress-monastery of the Marines Errant located there. First Claw fought alongside Huron for a time, before simply and quietly abandoning the battle, as did all of the Exalted's forces already committed. Managing to take control of the Echo of Damnation, First Claw made its escape with its new ship.[2b]

However, pursuing Red Corsairs caught up with Vandred's fleeing forces and death seemed imminent for the Night Lords. In this moment, the possibility of impending death weakened Vandred's daemonic possession and he was able to bring himself to the fore for first time in many years, ordering the abandoning of his ship and all personnel to transport themselves to the Echo of Damnation. Keeping a skeleton crew aboard, Vandred used the Covenant of Blood to hold off the Red Corsair fleet, allowing the Echo of Damnation and all aboard her to escape under the command of Talos of First Claw.[2c]

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