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Vanguard Class Light Cruiser

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Vanguard Class Light Cruiser

The Vanguard Class Light Cruiser is a class of Light Cruiser used by the Space Marine Fleet.


Vanguard Cruisers are normally refitted Strike Cruisers rather than purpose-built. They have improved thrusters and defensive turrets, but this comes at the expense of weaker offensive weaponry so Vanguards are less capable in a planetary assault role. As a result, Vanguards are used as scouting vessels operating independently or as heavy escorts as part of a large Space Marine fleet.[2]


The Vanguard Light Cruiser comes in three main patterns:[1]

Known Vanguard Light Cruisers

Chapter Vessel Noteworthy Actions Current Status
Fire Hawks Red Harbinger Crippled and then captured by the Mantis Warriors in 350 904.M41, leading to the Badab War. Unknown
Salamanders Obsidia [2a] Fought in the Badab War. Unknown
Mentors Mitrah

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