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Vanguard Infiltrator

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White Scars Infiltrator[4a]

Infiltrators are a type of Primaris Space Marine Vanguard unit.[1]

Clad in Mk.X Phobos Armour[4b], Infiltrators are responsible for disrupting enemy communications and sabotaging targets of opportunity. Their back-mounted Omni-Scramblers intercept signals across a broad spectrum, scrambling frequencies and shutting down enemy communications. When the time comes for the Infiltrators to fight directly, they emerge from their hiding places under cover of smoke grenades and cut down their foes with disciplined volleys from their marksman Bolt Carbines. Infiltrators are drilled extensively in survival and self-sufficiency techniques due to the long lengths of time they spend behind enemy lines.[3]

Types of Vanguard Infiltrators

  • Commsman - Acts as a strategic nexus upon the battlefield for Phobos Strike Teams, a conduit through which Vox-exchanges and intelligence inloads pass like lightning. The presence of a Commsman increases the Strike Team's versatility and swiftness of action.[5]
  • Helix Adept - A trained Apothecary, typically included in a squad of Infiltrators[3] and also Phobos Strike Teams.[5]
  • Saboteur - Well prepared to rig any target for destruction, with a deadly array of melta charges, super-krak munitions and even anti-plant canisters.[5]
  • Sergeant - They are strategic and tactical leader of exceptional skills, exemplars to their Battle Brothers and deadly enemies to the Emperor's foes. Those who command Phobos Strike Teams must be all of these things, for it is by their words and actions that the Kill Team stands or falls. the Sergeant must be all of these things, for it is by his words and actions that the Phobos Strike Team stand or falls.[5]
  • Veteran - Experienced Infiltrators who stalk their enemies like armored gheists. They wield weaponry selected from their Chapter's most rarefied armories, each one augmented through the careful attentions of master artificers. So-armed, Veterans can act as the nemeses of any foe.[5]
  • Voxbreaker - Their specialized equipment allows them to scan and isolate enemy threats. Voxbreakers can also break into and plunder their foe's communications for strategic intelligence.[5]
  • Warrior - They are swift and aggressive in thought and deed, even by the standards of their brotherhood. Few foes can evade their pinpoint volleys for long or the bone-crushing blows of the Warrior's armored fists.[5]


Vaguard Infiltrators


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