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Vannick Hive

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Vannick Hive (also known as Vannick Magna[1a]) was a hive city on the planet Verghast. It specialised in refining fuel, with a supply pipeline connecting Vannick to Vervunhive.[1b]


In the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, another of Verghast's hives (Ferrozoica) fell to Chaos and attacked Vervunhive. Vannick Hive pledged nine regiments of its standing army to reinforce Vervunhive.[1b] However, this help never arrived, as the Ferrozoicans obliterated Vannick with atomic weapons.[1c]

To prevent them from being used to circumvent Vervunhive's defences, Vervunhive's Legislature ordered the closure of all of the pipelines that still connected what remained of Vannick to Vervunhive. Despite this order, at least one of the pipelines remained open, as the line's owner, Guilder Worlin, wanted to profit as much as he could off the now-limited fuel supply.[1d] This would spell disaster for Vervunhive, as it allowed Zoican forces to breach the hive's eastern wall, bypassing the energy barrier that protected it.[1e]

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