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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Varantha
Meaning: Crown of our Steadfast Hopes[1]
Current Location: Western galactic margins[1]
Main Colours: Purple, gold[1]
Favoured Unit: Unknown
Reputation: Its population has a great hatred for the forces of Chaos[1]
Specialty: Surprise attacks on Chaos forces[1]
Main Enemy: Chaos[1]

Varantha is an Eldar Craftworld, whose travels take it close to the borders of the Halo Stars and once secretly passed by Hydraphur without being detected.[1]

Those Humans the Craftworld trades with, speak in awe of its crafted gems, the rare flowers bred there and the beautiful metals created by its artisans. Varantha also has a great hatred for the forces of Chaos and will launch suprise attacks that will devastate their forces. Such attacks led to the downfall of the Chaos forces of Karlsen and Arhendros, but also led away Waaagh! Chobog from vulnerable Exodite Worlds. Another of Varantha's attacks was on Sahch-V where a small Word Bearers force had been secretly creating Chaos Cults. Once they discovered the World Bearers' actions, the Craftworld struck and destroyed the Cults and nearly all of the Word Bearers. Once of the two survivors, however, was the Dark Apostle De Haan, who swore revenge against the Craftworld and then began gathering forces to attack Varantha. His hunt for the Craftworld lasted for 21 centuries, and the Dark Apostle fought through numerous battles, ambushes and traps set by Varantha. Finally, though, De Haan located an Exodite World which he believed contained a Webway Gate that was connected to the Craftworld. In his haste to gain his revenge, however, the Dark Apostle rushed to land upon the world with a few of his forces, despite the majority still being on his warship. This proved to be a costly mistake, as Varantha launched a massed surprise attack that overran De Haan's citadel on the Exodite World. The Dark Apostle's forces in orbit were still being transported to the world, but Varantha's fleet struck and completely destroyed the warship. Soon De Haan was the only Word Bearer left alive and he was surrounded by Varantha's forces. With no chance of victory or escape, De Haan saluted his long-time foes and charged towards his death.[1]