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Varlak was one of the more infamous figures in recent Imperial history. Varlak was a lowly corporal, before becoming a devotee of an extreme but superficially Imperial cult.[Needs Citation]

Due to his inhuman charisma, his rise in popularity was meteoric. He eventually declared himself "World-Autarch" of Korsk II, and announced Korsk's secession from the Imperium. Varlak was a Rogue psyker whose powers became evident when he spoke in public, able to easily sway entire audiences to his way of thinking, and convince even the otherwise loyal that every word he spoke, no matter how seditious, was utter truth. An Inquisitor on the planet at the time called on the forces of the Imperium. In the end, the revolution was destroyed and Varlak ended up as a pool of liquefied flesh. at the hands of the Space Wolves, and the populace was released from his psychic yoke.[Needs Citation]