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Varon was a Codicier in the Blood Angels Chapter who was attached to the Company of Captain Tycho when they were tasked with quarantining the Hive World Orilan.[1]

Though they were ordered to destroy any ships that escaped from Orilan, which had become corrupted by Daemons of Tzeentch, Tycho led a squadron aboard one such ship when the Inquisitor Ramius Stele contacted their Frigate and requested their aid after a Daemon from the planet had boarded his ship and began mutating it.[1]

When Tycho and his squadron returned to the Blood Angels' Frigate, they brought with them both the Inquisitor and a small number of passengers they had been able to save. As Varon neared the passengers, however, his powers enabled him to see that one of them had become infected by the Daemon and he shouted out a warning to his Brothers. Unfortunately, it was too late, as the Daemon erupted from the passenger and easily killed Varon before it began a massacre aboard the Frigate.[1]