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Varr Harax

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Varr Harax was a Princeps Seniores of the Legio Astorum, who was active during the Horus Heresy.[1]

In 012.M31 Harax was part of an Astorum demi-legio that was resupplying in the Borman System in preparation for deployment in the Battle of Beta-Garmon. Unexpectedly a Traitor fleet materialised in system as part of their advance on the Ollanz Cluster. Harax and his fellow Imperials were fielded on the planet Borman IV to counter the Traitors. His actions in the Yrevendi Desert proved crucial to the Imperial war effort, obliterating a detachment of the Traitor Legio Fureans. Astorum's Titans would go on to penetrate the lines of the Emperor's Children, saving Borman IV's capital, the planet and the entire Cluster in the process.[1]