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Varus Hos

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Varus Hos, Scion of Alpharius, was an Alpha Legion Chaos Lord and veteran of the Long War who led The Perfidious Host Warband in battle against Hamiclar Vort, a White Scars Master of the Hunt[1a]. Though the battle started well for Varus, with his forces killing a number of Hamiclar's Brotherhood, the White Scars soon recovered and began taking the Warband apart. It was as the battle neared its end that Varus, seeing that the White Scars nearly had victory within their grasp, charged Hamiclar hoping to deprive the White Scars of his leadership as their forces fought and died around them. In their duel, Varus' swordsmanship with his Power Sword was no match for the strength of Hamiclar's Artificer Armour, and the Master of the Hunt soon killed the Chaos Lord, with the White Scars destroying the Warband soon afterwards.[1b]