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Varzival, the Knight Resplendent, was the Chapter Master for the Angels Resplendent, when the Undying Martyr arrived on their Homeworld and began to turn them into the Angels Penitent.[1]

However he was away campaigning, with the First Company, when this occurred and so was unable to prevent the Angels coming under the Martyr's sway. Following that, the last anyone heard from Varzival was shortly before the Chapter underwent the Great Purge, that led them to become the Angels Penitent. A decade after that event, Sergeant Montaig was the only Angel who secretly refused to embrace the Martyr's teachings and holds on to the hope that the Chapter Master will return. When he does, Montaig is convinced Varzival will be able to redeem the Chapter and restore them back into the Angels Resplendent once more.[1]

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