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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map vash'ya.jpg Name Vash'ya Vash'ya Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe VashyaWarrior.jpg
Colours: Dark Grey[1b]

Vash'ya is a Sept of the Tau Empire established during the Second Sphere of Expansion.[1a]

Sept Informations

The sept world of Vash'ya was settled near the end of the Second Sphere Expansion, with the Earth caste machines needing a long time to make the air breathable, making it known as the world 'between spheres'. The sept world provided a majority of Air caste ship crews and pilots for the earlier expansions. Because of this, the Air caste has a long tradition here. Many defence platforms and major Air caste fleets dock near the sept world.[1a][2]

Sometime after the Second Agrellan Campaign, Vash'ya was invaded by a force of Hrud. The Tau countered the aliens' entropic time fields with Drones and remotely operated Battlesuits, delivering a victory for the Empire after a fierce battle.[3]


Sept Colours
Dark Grey[1b]
Uniform Variations



Codex: Tau Empire (4th Edition)[Needs Citation]