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Vashtorr the Arkifane[3]

Vashtorr the Arkifane is a powerful Daemon and the ruler of the Forge of Souls. He claims to forgo allegiance to any Chaos God and commands his own army known as the Cult of the Arkifane.[2][4]


Having long kept himself shrouded from most races, Vashtorr is a demi-god of inventors, engineers, scientists, and artisans. He is empowered by acts of curiosity and innovation in the Materium, shorn of morality and driven to its darkest extremes. He has only manifested a handful of times in galactic history, and some crypto-scholars maintain he was created amidst the reckless arms race of some ancient galaxy-spanning war. Others propose he was brought about by the horrors of the Dark Age of Technology, where he proved a patron to many of its technological horrors.[2] He is also said to have been empowered by events such as the rise of the Necrons, the Cursed Founding, and the creation of Primaris Space Marines.[1]

Vashtorr is not a slave of any of the four great Chaos Gods, instead maintaining his own sphere of influence and unique role within the Warp. He is the lord of the Forge of Souls, having grown powerful bartering souls with any Daemon or damned individual that seeks his services in the acquisition of Daemonic weaponry. Other are simply enslaved to his will and forced to join the ranks of his own armies.[2]

Unlike most of his kind, Vashtorr rarely lies or conceals his true objectives. He establishes explicit contracts with clear terms and conditions. He has kept the wrath of The Four at bay due to the usefulness of his Daemon Engines to the armies of the Great Game, serving as its premier arms dealer. However, he is far from defenseless, and sports his own host of powerful techno-daemonic monstrosities.[2] His activities have nonetheless attracted the ire of other Daemons, most notably Be'lakor.[1]

Despite all he has achieved, Vashtorr has grown dissatisfied with his status. He seeks to become a fifth Chaos God in his own right. To that end, he seeks to fulfill a prophecy involving fragments of the mysterious Key and entered into an alliance with Abaddon the Despoiler. His proposal to Abaddon initiated the construction of the Arks of Omen and the war involving them.[2]



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