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Vatborn (House Goliath)

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The Vatborn are the largest of the three sub-factions of House Goliath and its members are rapidly grown in amneo-vats from flesh-templates.[1]

Usually born male and sterile, the Vatborn make up most of House Goliath's membership and are used as hard labor in the Clan House's refineries and factories. They live for less than a decade, but due to being implanted with cranial data-slugs, the Vatborn are born with a baseline knowledge of their world, their House and their position in it. Despite this advantage, most Vatborn Goliaths are still only suited for factory work or fodder for the Clan House's gangs. This is due to initiative and creativity being rare traits among their kind and it is unusual for the Vatborn to rise up much higher than a factorum overseer or gang leader.[1]


Goliaths born from fertile Vatborn are referred to as Natborn and enjoy both a longer life-span and relatively heightened intelligence compared to the Vatborn.[1]

See Also

  • Natborn - Offspring of either fertile Vatborn or sometimes other Natborn[1]
  • Unborn - Those born outside of House Goliath, but have undergone the surgeries necessary for them to be accepted into the House.[1]