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Vehicle Upgrades (Dark Eldar)

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Dark Eldar Vehicle Upgrades are designed to make their vehicles much more deadly to enemies, both physically and mentally. Some of the objects put on vehicles inspire fear through display of living or dead bodies, while others are designed to make the vehicle more capable offensively.


Night Shield

The Night Shield hides the vehicle from enemy sight by producing a wide area Shadow Field that covers its open deck in darkness. The vehicle appears dark and shady like a deadly shadow.[1]



The Horrorfex is a grenade launcher which fires arcane grenades made of stolen Eldar Wraithbone and causes fear in the troops they land near. It is similar to the Terrorfex.[1]


Scythes usually consist of viciously sharp blades which allow the vehicle to chop down many enemies as it passes by. They also make it very hard to assault the vehicle in close combat as the scythes provide an effective barrier.[1]

Slave Snares

Slave Snares consist of chains, barbed wire and other materials which are intended to snag unsuspecting victims as the vehicle flies close to the ground so that they can be taken away as slaves.[1]


Screaming Jets

Screaming Jets improve the speed of Dark Eldar vehicles. They usually consist of another jet engine strapped to the vehicle, allowing it to drop from the sky and recover from the dive before hitting the ground. This action produces a screaming effect which terrifies many enemies.[1]

Torture Amp

A Torture Amp is a box which contains the screams of souls tortured by a Haemonculus. During battle it projects them in an altered form as a wave of sonic energy, surrounding the vehicle. This effect often scatters troops due to the horrendous noise it produces.[1]

Trophy Racks

Trophy Racks are usually a selection of skeletons, skulls and other body parts placed on staves around the grav-vehicle. Some live prisoners may also be strapped onto the vehicle with barbed wire and seeing this has a devastating effect on enemy morale. They are also a piece of wargear.[1]


Scaling Nets

Scaling Nets are netting draped over the side of the vehicle, which allows passengers to hang off of the vehicle and mount and dismount a lot more easily than having to land. It also lets enemies attack the vehicle more easily as they can simply climb the net and it also means the vehicle cannot take other upgrades (such as scythes) which would shred the passengers if they tried to dismount using the nets.[1]



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