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Velk'Han is a Tau Sept close to the Jericho Reach region of the Eastern Fringe.[1b]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map unknown.jpg Name Velk'Han Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Third[1]
Location: Eastern Fringe Unknown.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Originally a cluster of human worlds, in the aftermath of the Damocles Crusade the Tau were able to expand as the Imperium became embroiled in the First Tyrannic War. Through a mixture of both clever diplomacy and in other cases armed force, the populace turned away from the Imperium and instead embraced the Greater Good. It is one of the furthest Septs from the core of the Tau Empire, and it is an impressive feat of voidsmanship for Air Caste fleets to even reach it. The acquisition of Velk'Han was one of the key reasons the High Lords of Terra authorized the Achilus Crusade.[1b]

However the Tau have managed to still strongly hold Velk'Han and even hope to further expand, hoping that as they do so they will inspire mass-uprisings against Imperial Rule.[1b]

Known Planets