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Duke Venalitor was a human Lord of Drakaasi. Such was the esteem in which the Chaos God Khorne held him that he was able to command all blood, even those of his enemies. His face was pale and perfect, with eyes like black diamonds. His armour was impossibly intricate, and covered in images of heaps of skulls around a burning throne. He has been known to wield a large two-handed sword in battle. He owned the massive ship the Hecatomb, which he used to travel and cart his slaves around Drakaasi.[Needs Citation]


At some point, Venalitor found the scaephylyds and introduced them to the worship of Khorne. Since then, they have become his willing slaves and serve him in any way he sees fit.[Needs Citation]

During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, Venalitor led a Chaos invasion on the planet Sarthis Majoris and made landfall on the southern polar cap. His forces swiftly overwhelmed the Hathran Armoured Calvary sent to defend the ice-bound pass of the Reliqus Mountains. During the battle, Justicar Alaric left his post and attempted to kill Duke Venalitor to break the Chaos horde's morale. Venalitor defeated him and took Alaric and his fellow Grey Knight Haulvarn as slaves back to Drakaasi. Their armours were given to Lord Ebondrake as tribute and they were forced to fight in Drakaasi's arenas. Haulvarn died in his first fight, but Alaric survived. Venalitor spent a long time trying to break Alaric and turn him to Chaos, even going so far as to order the daemon Raezazel to possess him; but all of his attempts failed.[Needs Citation]

Instead, Alaric drove him into a war with Arguthrax by defying the latter's attempts to kill him in the arenas, notably killing Arguthrax's champion and giving Venalitor its head as a trophy. Venalitor's survived all of Arguthrax's assassins. Their numerous cults fought each other. In the end, an open battle broke out on the plains between Ghaal and Gorgath wherein an alliance of cults loyal to Arguthrax fought against Venalitor's army of scaephylyds. Arguthrax's forces won, and took the scaephylyds' heads and limbs to present to Arguthrax at a parade. It was then that Lord Ebondrake decreed that the lords of Drakaasi work together to create a vast army to join the Thirteenth Black Crusade, and that ended the open conflict between Arguthrax and Venalitor. Despite this, the war still went on in secret.[Needs Citation]

During the sacred Vel'Skan game, Alaric staged a massive slave breakout shortly after his great victory. Alaric also made sure that Lord Ebondrake's Obsidian Guard would be found responsible for freeing the slaves, and that pitted Drakaasi into a massive civil war. Venalitor tracked Alaric down to Lord Ebondrake's palace and engaged him. This time, however, Alaric managed to recover his Grey Knight Nemesis Halberd from Lord Ebondrake's trophy chamber and defeated Venalitor. In his last moments, Venalitor realised that Alaric was the one behind everything: from Venalitor's war with Arguthrax to Drakaasi's rebellion, before Alaric knocked Venalitor off the eye socket of Lord Ebondrake's Castle to his death, impaled atop one of Vel'Skan's giant swords.[Needs Citation]