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Vendatha was a member of the Adeptus Custodes during the Great Crusade. Having fought alongside the Emperor many times, he was eventually sent as part of a small Custodes detachment under Aquillon to oversee the Word Bearers following their shame on Monarchia. Despised by the Legion, Vendatha only gained anything close to a friendship with Argel Tal. However when he witnessed human sacrifice by Chaos Cultists on Cadia while Lorgar watched, Vendatha had enough and attempted to arrest the Primarch and bring him before the Emperor. A fight broke out, and Vendatha managed to kill 3 Word Bearers before being brought down by Tal and Xaphen. The dying Vendatha was made one of the human sacrifices by Lorgar and impaled on a stake, which completed the transformation of Ingethel into a Daemon Prince.[1]