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Vendrahel was a Dark Angels Knight-Preceptor of the Order of the Broken Claws, who took part in the Horus Heresy.[1]


He was among the Legion's forces that their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, led in the Battle of Perditus. There, the Primarch sought to claim the Mechanicus' relics on Perditus before the Iron Hands and Death Guard did. Vendrahel's command, which included the Order of the Broken Claws and the Legion's 79th Company, was sent to claim the relics in Umbral-51's archaeo-vaults. Despite the Primarch ordering them to stand down, the Iron Hands and Death Guard forces there had refused to stop fighting for the vaults. When his forces landed, however, it was the Traitor Legion that Vendrahel ordered his forces to attack. The Death Guard then began to overwhelmed, when Umbral 51's Mechanicus would unleash their robots in order to kill all the invaders. While this led to the Death Guard's forces shattering, their commander and a few survivors were able to escape and raced to the vault's gates. Shortly afterwards, the Dark Angels were finally able to destroy the robots and gave chase after the Traitors.[1]

Despite the Death Guard's head start, the Dark Angels reached them before they could open the vault's gates. The two sides were then facing each other, when the Paladin Ennedreth stepped forward and challenged the Death Guard's commander to an honour duel. The Centurion Kadus Brekkar laughed at this and instead used his chem-flamer to reduce Ennedreth's body to ash. This enraged Vendrahel and the Knight-Preceptor led the charge against the Death Guard. As their forces clashed, Brekkar fought Vendrahel for possession of the vaults. In the end, though, the Centurion was killed by the Knight-Preceptor and the Death Guard were destroyed as well.[1]

After the battle ended, Vendrahel knelt over Brekkar's body and whispered the names of the Dark Angels who had died. After adhering to his Order's rites of rememberance, Vendrahel met with Umbral's Mechanicus. The Tech-Priests then resentfully handed over their relics, after seeing that Vendrahel bore a seal of the pact between their two factions. Afterwards, the Order of the Order of the Broken Claws deemed Umbral-51 to be too dangerous to be left behind. They then planted clusters of Tectonic Bombs and ignited them upon leaving. This buried Umbral-51, its Tech-Priests, and countless technological artefacts under tonnes of metal and rock[1]