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Venenum Temple

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Venenum Assassin[4]

The Venenum Temple trains and deploys its assassins on behalf of the Officio Assassinorum upon receiving orders by the High Lords of Terra. The temple is presumably located, like most other assassin temples, in a secret location on Terra.[1b]


Experts in subtlety and poison[1b], members wield toxins potent enough to quickly dispatch even the toughest of prey. Their rigorously trained and genetically-enhanced Assassins were selected from the finest alchemists that were capable of creating exotic concoctions that cause death without leaving a metabolic trace. They were said to have had the greatest level of success during the Horus Heresy.[4]

Venenum Assassins wield Toxin Injectors, Poison Globes, and poisoned Hookfang blades.[4]

Notable Venenum Assassins


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