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Vengeance Campaigns

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The Vengeance Campaigns were a series of Campaigns launched by the Ultramarines' Chapter Master Calgar, in the aftermath of the Plague Wars and the departure of Lord Commander Guilliman from the Realm of Ultramar. Left once again to defend Ultramar, Calgar leads the Ultramarines and a coalition composed of their Successor Chapters and Knight Houses across neighbouring corrupted Systems, that had been infested by Daemons during the Plague Wars. Amid one such campaign, to free seven worlds in the Tartella System from Daemonic enslavement, Calgar simultaneously masterminds a hit and run campaign to break a vast Ork force, before it could reach the Forge World Metalica. Using rapid strike attacks, the Space Marines win hundreds of battles against the Orks, but only manage to slow the rampaging Greenskin hordes from reaching the Forge World; as they focus the majority of their efforts on freeing the Daemon infested worlds. So far in the Tartella Campaign though, while three of the targeted seven worlds have been saved, the bulk of the corrupted System still remains in the hands of its Daemon overlords.[1]