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Vengeance Grand Cruiser

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Vengance Class Grand Cruiser
The Vengeance Class Grand Cruiser is a very old design, the first being launched before the Great Crusade. The design idea of the armoured prow is evident on the Vengeance, however it is not yet truly armoured, and provides no more protection then the standard hull armour. The ship design is now 10,000 or more years old, and is being slowly phased out. The remaining Vengeance class ships are currently in reserve fleets, or used to protect shipping lanes from pirates. They are very rarely used in full-scale engagements any more, due to their being outclassed by newer designs.[1]


The ship has weapons batteries and two lances on each side of the ship, providing it with enough firepower to hold its own against a Cruiser or squadron of Escorts. The armament to the port and starboard of the ship is powerful enough, however the ship lacks any prow or dorsal armament, making it extremely vulnerable when closing with the enemy. It has better shields than a standard cruiser, but this fact alone cannot be expected to save it from a well-coordinated attack. The turret layout of the ship is able to protect it from a few Attack Craft waves. However, if the attack is pressed home, it is likely that the attack craft will get through and cause damage to the hull.[1]

Notable Vengeance Class Vessels