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Vengeful Blade

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The Vengeful Blade is a Strike Cruiser in the Dark Angels Chapter. It that was commanded by Master Annas when it came to the aid of the Hive World Corinthe in 747.M41. The Hive World was under threat by both a tendril of Hive Fleet Moloch and the Genestealer infested Space Hulk Bringer of Sorrow; which the government of Corinthe believed was acting as a beacon for the Hive Fleet. Acting quickly, Annas dispatched the Deathwing under his command to board the Space Hulk[1a] and they successfully destroyed it. With the Bringer of Sorrow no longer acting as a beacon, the Imperium's forces were then able to deal with the tendril of Hive Fleet Moloch.[1b]

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