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Knight-Commander Jenetia Krole wielding Veracity[5]

Veracity, known as the Sword of Oblivion,[2] is a great two-handed sword of unknown origin, that was once wielded by the Emperor of Mankind.[1]


The blade is believed to be the pattern based on which the Executioner Greatblades of the Silent Sisterhood were made. However unlike the others, it does not rely on a disruptor field[2]. Truly it is an enigma to all but the Emperor[4]. He later gifted Veracity to Jenetia Krole, the Knight-Commander of the Sisterhood[1], who wielded it throughout the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[2]

After Krole's death during the Siege of Terra, the Veracity was recovered and became a relic of the Sisters of Silence. Now only Knight-Centuras wield its might.[4]

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