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Verena Armenii

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Verena Armenii was a Canoness of the Order of the Argent Shroud, who led a battlehost of her Sisters to the embattled Hive World Acheron IV. The world had nearly been brought to its knees by Waaagh! Uggrot, but Verena did not bring her Sisters there to aid the beleaguered Imperium defenders. Instead she led them to the ruins of the Shrine of Saint Helena located at Angel Spire, an outpost long since overrun by the Ork invasion; having deemed the recovery of the destroyed Shrine's relics more important. The Sisters found themselves under attack immediately after landing, by the Orks who still held the area and initially Verena and her Sisters had great success in beating them back from the Shrine. That soon changed though, when the Warboss Grog Chewtops arrived and rallied the Orks into launching a ferocious attack on the Sisters' position. In the desperate battle that followed, the Sisters began to be cut down in greater numbers and Verena was sent sprawling to the ground as the Immolator beside her exploded from an Ork attack. Before Verena was able to pick her self up however, she was surrounded and killed by the Orks.[1]