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Kyril Sindermann

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Kyril Sindermann[18]

Kyril Sindermann was the Primary Iterator of the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet during the latter days of the Great Crusade. He was a gifted speaker and master of rhetoric, and a staunch believer in the secular society and ideals that the Emperor had imposed on the Imperium.[1a] After the Heresy, he took on a new identity as one of the founders of the Inquisition.[13]



Sindermann had been the star pupil of the iterator Evander Tobias, who had trained the first iterators and had been intended to serve as Primary Iterator for Warmaster Horus's fleet. When his voice was crippled by cancer of the larynx, Tobias recommended Sindermann to go in his place.[5]

Sindermann shared a strong bond with Luna Wolves Captain Garviel Loken, whom he had long mentored in the history of ancient Terra, and would often give the young Astartes warrior great tomes to read as part of his education in the Imperial Truth.[1a]

During the pacification of Sixty-Three-Nineteen, Sindermann and several remembrancers from the fleet were attacked by a foul daemon of Chaos which had possessed a Luna Wolves officer named Xavyer Jubal.[1b] This traumatic event led him to question his secular beliefs, and also to question why the Emperor had been so adamant in his refusal to acknowledge such entities. For many months, Sindermann sought answers in the vast libraries of the Vengeful Spirit.[1c]

Speaking with Euphrati Keeler, another witness to the possession of Jubal, Sindermann attempted to use fragments of text and images taken by the remembrancers to decode sections of the infamous Book of Lorgar. While reading aloud from the scripture, he became entranced and inadvertently summoned a fiery daemon which set about destroying the library archives. He was saved by the pious actions of Keeler, who had long held faith in the supposed divine influence of the Emperor, and exorcised the creature before falling into a coma.[2]

This tested Sindermann's belief in the Imperial Truth even further, until he could no longer believe in it at all. He had seen too much proof that the old religions and sects had in fact been based in matters over which the average being had no control, and therefore they relied on higher beings to protect them. So did Kyril Sindermann accept the Emperor as his saviour, rather than his ruler.[Needs Citation]

During the battle for Isstvan III, Sindermann escaped from the Vengeful Spirit, along with Keeler and Mersadie Oliton, with the aid of Captain Iacton Qruze. They fled to the frigate Eisenstein, taken by Death Guard loyalists led by Nathaniel Garro, and escaped the Istvaan system to Terra.[4]


Sindermann and Keeler were preach their word for a time on Terra, before Keeler was eventually arrested by agents of Malcador the Sigillite. Despite being held in a maximum security prison under the Imperial Palace Sindermann was able to infiltrate and visit her multiple times, perhaps due to the strong proto-Imperial Cult presence among the Malcador's Chosen guards.[14]

Sindermann accompanied Keeler inside the Imperial Palace during the Siege of Terra, helping with the throngs of refugees there. The proto-Imperial Cultists had been granted a sort of temporary pardon by Malcador, who wished to see if their faith could prove useful in combating the forces of Chaos.[15] Later when Cor'bax Utterblight manifested in the Palace, Sindermann's faith helped save Keeler from the Daemons power.[15a]

After the fall of the Lion's Gate Spaceport, Kyril began contemplating suicide by leaping from the walls of the Palace. He was halted in one attempt by Rogal Dorn, and during their conversation his passing words made the Primarch realize that he had overlooked a flaw in the Saturnine Gate, something that potentially saved the entire loyalist war effort.[16c] Looking to give Sindermann something to do to keep his mind off grim thoughts, he was put in charge of a renewed order of Remembrancers alongside Historian Hari Harr. The duo met with Keeler, now in Custodes captivity, and eventually convinced her to join them in their new cause.[16a] After the conclusion of the Saturnine battle Kyril met with Garviel Loken, telling him that he had compiled a hefty amount of new records. He asked Loken if he felt any satisfaction after exacting his revenge by killing Horus Aximand.[16b]

As the leader of the new Order of Interrogation, Sindermann continued to aid Keeler and Amon Tauromachian inside Blackstone Prison in dealing with Basilio Fo and his claimed ability to create an Astartes-killing virus. After Keeler agreed to leave Blackstone with Hellick Mauer in order to investigate waves of despair and madness amongst the defenders, Sindermann continued to accompany the future Saint. However their convoy was ambushed and Keeler became separated from the rest of the group as they were attacked by enemy Space Marines.[17]

Sindermann next is seen alongside Keeler before journeying with Command Prefectus officer Hellick Mauer to the Hall of Leng deep in the Imperial Palace, determined to find some sort of Daemonic lore that could be useful in the final battle. However inside the Hall of Leng's great libraries, the duo instead find ancient poems and stories that the Emperor seemed to enjoy as opposed to any cosmic knowledge.[19a] The group mysteriously runs into Garviel Loken inside the library before a door appears to the Vengeful Spirit, which the former Luna Wolves Marine steps through alone.[19b]

After Loken leaves, Sindermann and Mauer continue their research before being confronted by Ahzek Ahriman within the Library of Leng.[20a] Only seeking knowledge, Ahriman is not hostile and Sindermann attempts to gather information about the Thousands Sons motivations and plan by speaking with the Chief Librarian. During their conversation, Sindermann learns that the Emperor is the intended Dark King.[20b]

As the Siege reached its climax, Sindermann learned of the creation of Daemons and was left confused by Ahriman promptly left the library with the defeat of Horus. The entire ordeal left him unsure with the path to take save that secrets were now the new currency for mankind.[21]


Surviving the Heresy, Sindermann went on to become one of the founders of the Inquisition. He took on a new identity: Lastan Neemagiun Veritus. For the next 1,500 years Sindermann was kept alive by arcane technologies and an ornate suit of Power Armour.[Needs Citation]

By the time of the War of the Beast "Veritus" became known as a veteran Puritan who was apparently fanatically devoted to the Imperial Cult. He viewed the Inquisition as the supreme organ of power in the Imperium. To Veritus, the Inquisition was not a supervising agency but a organ of direct rule over Humanity. Even the High Lords of Terra were to be directly subordinate to the Inquisition, and Veritus desired to rein them in and usher in Inquisitorial supremacy over the Adeptus Terra. His opportunity came when he called a Conclave against Inquisitorial Representative Wienand, accusing her of handling The Beast ineffectively and becoming corrupted by the Senatorum Imperialis.[6a]

The Conclave ultimately failed to oust Wienand from her position, forcing Veritus to take more direct means. He deployed his agents to attempt to assassinate the Inquisitor. Wienand was saved thanks to the efforts of Esad Wire, but forced to fake her death and go into hiding.[6b] In the aftermath, Veritus was appointed the new Inquisitorial Representative and everybody expected him to clash with the most powerful High Lords Lansung. However despite publicly admonishing one another, Drakan Vangorich suspects the two are really in league.[6c] Following the fall of Lansung from grace after the appearance of an Ork Attack Moon over Terra, Veritus abandoned Lansung with the rest of the High Lords and continued his attempt to get rid of Wienand after quickly discovering her deception. He then made a move on Wienand's ally Vangorich, though the Grand Master of Assassins was able to have one of his own agents kill the sniper sent to dispatch him.[7a]

Veritus refused to go along with Juskina Tull's disastrous Proletarian Crusade, instead attempting to gain control of the High Lords and Inquisition. However after the crusade's failure and the appearance of an Ork "ambassador" before the High Lords, Veritus was horrified and condemned the Senatorum before departing.[7b] In the aftermath of the debacle and the Eldar raid on the Imperial Palace, Veritus was forced to ally himself with Vangorich. After the interrogation of Shadowseer Lhaerial Rey (who insinuates that Veritus, a Psyker, may have foreseen something significant regarding Chaos), Vangorich was able to mediate a truce between Veritus and Wienand.[8] Later, Veritus and Wienand declared themselves co-Inquisitorial Representatives and helped Imperial Fists Chapter Master Koorland in overthrowing Lord Commander Udin Macht Udo.[9]

After the coup, Veritus gave Koorland potentially war-changing information: that the lost Primarch Vulkan had been rediscovered on the world of Caldera. When Vulkan was found by the Imperials, he seemed to know who Veritus was. His relation to the Primarch remains unknown.[10] He again displayed significant knowledge of the past when he alerted Koorland to the existence of the last bastion of the Sisters of Silence on Nadiries, stating that he had been seeking them out for quite some time even before the war.[11]

Following the defeat of The Beast, Wienand and Veritus laid out their future of the Inquisition. It was agreed that the Ordo Xenos and Ordo Malleus would be created, with Wienand serving as the leader of the former and Veritus the latter. However during the meeting Veritus collapsed from poison administered by Drakan Vangorich, and Wienand rushed him to the Inquisitorial Fortress of Terra for treatment. Vangorich had administered the poison days before by mixing in an unseen but otherwise harmless gas that only became lethal when it mixed with the life-support chemicals of Veritus' own Power Armor.[13]

The dying Veritus was eventually able to awake and divulged his greatest secrets to Wienand. He revealed that he was the ancient Iterator Kyril Sindermann, one of the four original founders of the Inquisition, and had seen Horus himself fall to Chaos. He gave Wienand the key to the Citadel of Titan and named her his successor as the link between the Inquisition and the secret chapter of Space Marines on Titan. He also revealed that Vangorich had likely secretly given Wienand an antidote to save her from the same poison that had killed him, and that the mad Grand Master of Assassins harbored romantic feelings for her. Before dying he urged Wienand to work with Vangorich for a time to prevent the Imperium from devolving into civil war. Wienand mourned the passing of her rival and likely the oldest man in the Imperium.[13]

Because of his long life and role of one of the Inquisitions founders, Sindermann had inside knowledge of many of the greatest secrets of the Imperium. This included the location of Vulkan, the existence of the last squad of the Sisters of Silence, and the existence of the early Grey Knights, which not even Inquisitorial Representative Wienand was aware of.[Needs Citation]