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Vertus Praetor

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A squad of Vertus Praetors

Vertus Praetors are members of the Adeptus Custodes who specialize in fast attack.[2]


Vertus Praetors ride atop Dawneagle jetbikes and mirror the heavy cavalry employed by Human armies since the very dawn of time. In battle they range ahead of the main body of the Custodes' force and devastate their foes with crushing lance charges with their Interceptor Lances. They also act as reconnaissance and scouts for the Custodes, and their bikes, armor, and biological senses are all well-suited for this task. Each Vertus Praetor is a master combatant who has already honed his superhuman skills amongst the ranks of the Custodian Guard. They are expert marksmen, able to place perfect kill shots even while screaming at breakneck pace through tangled ruins or dense forests. Their close quarters prowess is no less exceptional; a Vertus Praetor can open the throat of a heavily armoured foe in a single pass. They can analyse even the most chaotic conflict in a heartbeat, reacting with incredible speed to evade obstacles and run down their foes, processing battlefield developments with breathtaking rapidity.[2]

Dawneagle Jetbikes

The Dawneagle Jetbikes of the Vertus Praetors are wonders of Imperial technology from the era of the Great Crusade. These bikes are almost as large as light fighter craft and – while they are still grav-skimmers – can deliver a near supersonic turn of speed. Their hulls are phenomenally durable, allowing their riders to slam through walls and enemy warriors without being unseated, and they react pugnaciously to the slightest touch of the controls, able to jink effortlessly through incoming fire.[2] The Dawneagle Jetbike also come equipped with hurricane bolters, salvo launchers and flakkburst missiles, to deal with any enemy war machines they encounter.[1]


Vertus Praetor atop his Dawneagle Jetbike

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