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Veteran Squad (Space Marines)

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Veteran Space Marines are members of the 1st Company of a Space Marine Chapter, the so called Veteran Company. They form the Chapter's battle hardened core and have wide access to its armoury.


To be promoted into the 1st Company is a great honour for all battle-brothers. Those that have proven themselves worthy usually have centuries of service behind them and have risen to the rank of a sergeant. Sometimes a less experienced Marine may be accepted after committing several acts of outstanding heroism.[4][5]

The Marines of the 1st Company bear the privilege of taking the Chapter's finest and most revered equipment to battle, as well as the duty to return with it afterwards.[5]


Shoulder pads with Veteran heraldry

Members of the 1st Company traditionally wear white helmets. The sergeant's red helmet is adorned with a white stripe.

Their power armour features white or silver trimmed shoulder pads. The tactical symbol on the right shoulder is a stylized cross which is derived from the Crux Terminatus. A small Crux, known as "Terminator honours" is carried on the left knee pad.[1][2]

Veteran Marine helmet
Veteran Sergeant helmet
Terminator helmet
Terminator Sergeant helmet

Veteran Squads

  • Vanguard Veterans excel in close combat. Apart from a huge assortment of melee weapons, jump packs are often used to add the advantage of speed to their attacks.[5]
  • Sternguard Veterans are experts at ranged combat. They rely on finely crafted weapons and highly specialised ammunition to take on all manners of foes.[5]

Chapter Variants

Some Codex-divergent Chapters have their own unique veteran formations. Below are some notable examples: