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Vhorlia is a Sister of Silence, who is serving in the Indomitus Crusade.[1]


She is currently among the Imperial forces assigned to a Torchbearer Fleet, that is searching for the Knights of Mhorwen Chapter. However the Fleet had trouble finding the Chapter and traveled to a ruined Forge World, which they believed had dealings with the Knights. To find the information, a small force consisting of Sisters of Silence, led by Vhorlia, Custodes Emissaries, led by Demetriad and Skitarii, led by the Tech-Priest Phra-Mu Coparnos were sent to the world. Coparnos discovered the information was located within the data-core of the Archivolt Quranos Forge Temple and later found its location. Upon entering the Forge Temple, however, the Torchbearers were attacked by hordes of corrupted Adeptus Mechanicus constructs.[1]

It was then revealed that the ruined Forge World had been invaded and then infected by Scrap Codes, which caused the Archivolt to create the mechanical hordes. The Torchbearers were heavily outnumbered and they suffered heavy losses before Coparnos reached the data-core. Though he risked corrupting himself, the Tech-Priest connected with it and was able to find the Knight's location. However, he was unable to disconnect quickly enough and became infected by the Scrap Code. As Coparnos' body became corrupted, he gave the information to Demetriad, who then began leading an escape. Its not known, however, if Vhorlia is among the handful of fleeing Torchbearers that still live.[1]