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Vibro Cannon

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Craftworld Eldar Vibro Cannon[4]

The Vibro Cannon is an Eldar heavy weapon based on sonic technology. A special field generator generates resonant sonic waves and projects them along a magnetic tunnel as a rapidly scaling sonic blast ranging from ultrasound to hypersonic frequencies. The effect this has on a target can be devastating, literally vibrating an enemy to pieces and blasting a great furrow in the ground as though it were a mighty plow, knocking aside troops and tanks. While the cannon can be aimed at a specific point, its forces are transmitted at ground level, meaning anyone or anything between the cannon and its aiming point can also be affected. The more waves that impact a certain point, the more destruction is caused as the varying waves rip the target to shreds, making two or more Vibro Cannons which cross their beams extremely deadly.[1][2][3] Void shields and power fields provide no protection.[Needs Citation]