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Victrix Guard

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The Victrix Guard defend Chapter Master Marneus Calgar, during the War of Beasts.[3]

The Victrix Guard is a group of veteran warriors within the Ultramarines Chapter.[1]


The Victrix Guard was created by the Primarch Guilliman following his rebirth and each has been hand-picked by him to act as bodyguards and envoys[1]. Guilliman has declared them to be as much statesmen as warriors[2] and because of this, the Victrix Guard seek to excel in every aspect of statecraft and battle alike[1]. As such, their tactical skill is matched only by their martial prowess[3] and the members of the Victrix Guard are more than capable of cutting their way through entire armies of foes.[1]

Known Battles


The Victrix Guard wear ornate and decorated Power Armour and carry Storm Shields and Power Swords to battle.[3]

Known Members