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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Sisters of Battle rank; for the Space Marine rank, see Legion Vigilator.

Vigilators are a type of warrior of the Sisters of Silence. These close-ranged specialists utilize enormous Executioner Greatblades and led by Vigilator Mistresses.[1][2]


Vigilators are the most experienced type of tactical formation used by the Silent Sisterhood. In battle they are used to identify and eliminate key enemy forces and command centers at close quarters. Outside of battle, Vigilators are often the chief overseer of a worlds Psyker Tithes for the League of Black Ships.[2] Their most common duties exist outside of the battlefield, overseeing the collection of the Great Tithe and the escorting of Psykers bound for the Black Ships. [3]

In larger engagements, Vigilators operate in Cadres and provide a greater level of versatility to frontline assaults, engaging not only Psykers but also insurgent armies. They are terrifying warriors to behold, often used as a psychological weapon. Their iconic weapon is the Execution Blade alongside Hand Flamers, Needle Pistols, and Plasma Pistols.[3]

Known Vigilators


Vigilator Squad Silver Osprey fighting with Thousand Sons Dreadnought during the Burning of Prospero

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