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Vilnus is the current Deathwatch Commander of Watch Fortress Haltmoat.[1]

When the Watch Fortress began receiving numerous reports of ships disappearing near the Tiamet System, Vilnus set a Kill-Team, led by Watch Sergeant Gjunheim, to investigate the System held by Hive Fleet Tiamet. Though the Kill-Team was able to infiltrate the System they soon met with disaster and were killed on the Jungle World Ziaphoria. The Kill-Team's ship returns to the Watch Fortress, but it bears a final vox transmission by Gjunheim, warning of a nightmare organic structure they had discovered. The Watch Sergeant reported, that it spanned an entire continent on Ziaphoria and when they approached it, the structure pulsed and sent out a tsunami of psychic energy. This caused the death of the Kill-Team's Librarian, which alerted the Hive Fleet to their presence and the Kill-Team had been torn apart by the Tyranids. Once Vilnus had finished with the message, he had it sent out to the Ordo Xenos and it eventually reached the ears of the excommunicated Inquisitor Kryptman. The former Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos then traveled to Watch Fortress Haltmoat and Vilnus agreed to meet with him. As they talk, Kryptman shares his own grim theories, regarding the Xenos structure and Hive Fleet Tiamet, and together the two begin to formulate a plan that will see whatever the Tyranids are creating in the Tiamet System, utterly obliterated.[1]