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Vincenze Farradocias Kazymar

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Vincenze Farradocias Kazymar is a Radical Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, who has been declared a Heretic.[1]

His downfall began, when he gained the aid of the Blessed Daemon Cult, in summoning the Prr'xakkatos Daemonhost into Realspace. Kazymar later unleashed the Prr'xakkatos to save Jhorvia V, from an invasion by the Festerlung Brotherhood Warband. As the Daemons and Warband fought, the Inquisitor then sought to destroy them with an orbital bombardment from his Cruiser Blade Inevitable. However it was driven off by a barrage from the Hammerblow; an Imperial Navy Battleship, under the command of the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Danicha Hest. Kazymar then fled, but Jhorvia V was left in ruins, as the Festerlung and Prr'xakkatos continued their battle. Inquisitor Hest meanwhile, began seeking evidence that Kazymar was responsible for unleashing the Daemonhost and traced its summoning back to the Blessed Daemon. Before the Cult was destroyed by her forces, Hest gained a confession of Kazymar's guilt and she now seeks to kill the fallen Inquisitor.[1]

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