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Vinculus Crusade

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The Vinculus Crusade was declared against the assassin-cult of the Peleregon cluster in 833.M41.[3]


The Black Templars under command of Marshal Ludoldus agreed to fight alongside the troops of Inquisitor Vinculus, a member of the Ordo Hereticus. Together with the Inquisitor and a detachment of Sisters of Battle of the Order of the Bloody Rose[2], they engaged the cult on Peleregon IV. The landing met little opposition and the Black Templars (including the then still Neophyte, Helbrecht) and the Adepta Sororitas pushed the cult members back to their mountain stronghold.[3]

During the battle, Inquisitor Vinculus confronted the cult leader and killed him. Unfortunately, the daemonic presence that was building in the cult leader manifested itself and possessed the Inquisitor who was weakened by the injuries sustained during his battle with the cult leader.[3]

A daemon of Khorne possessed the body of Inquisitor Vinculus and turned on the Black Templars and the Adepta Sororitas. Finally, Marshal Ludoldus, Emperor's Champion Ulricus and Canoness Jasmine were able to defeat the daemon with a Holy Orb of Antioch. The explosion resulted in the total destruction of the stronghold and a massive earthquake that shook the mountain and collapsed the volcano. The survivors narrowly escaped this destruction thanks to Thunderhawk gunships that braved the dangers. Once aboard, Ludoldus ordered the planet to be bombarded from orbit to make sure none of the cult and traces of the daemon would remain.[3]

The Imperial force included a contingent from the Iron Knights chapter, one member of which, Hervald Strom, took heavy wounds during the fighting. Despite these injuries, he shortly thereafter won his second consecutive victory in the Feast of Blades.[1]