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Vinya Terrigo

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Vinya Terrigo was a loom-girl who lived and worked in Hab 45/jad of Vervunhive on the planet Verghast.[1]

When Vervunhive was invaded by the Fallen Hive Ferrozoica, Vinya survived the initial fighting and ended up joining Gol Kolea's Scratch Company. In the closing days of the invasion, Kolea's company was selected by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt to lead Imperial Guardsmen of the Tanith First and Only and Royal Volpone regiments through the hive as part of Operation Heironymo - a mission to infiltrate The Spike and assassinate the enemy commander, Heritor Asphodel. Although the majority of the force successfully boarded the Spike, Vinya was shot in the gut by a Ferrozoican soldier and Kolea was forced to mercy-kill her.[1]