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Vior'la is a Tau Sept which orbits a binary star and is known for its extreme temperatures and difficult living conditions. The planet passes through a gap of two stars each year, causing plasma storms to ravage the planet in a time called the "Trial by Fire".[3] The word Vior'la literally translates as "hot blooded".[1]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map vior'la.jpg Name Vior'la Vior'la Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe PulseBlaster.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Sept Information

Sept Colours
Bright red
Uniform Variations
Bone white, greenish grey

It is a notorious Fire Caste world containing centuries old academies that are reputed as the most respected in the empire. The most renowned of these are Va'shea, Fo'ur'as, and Ko'vrett based around Vior'la Prime.[6] Known foremost for their military prowess[6], Vior'la warriors produced here are particularly aggressive and well-schooled in high-speed warfare[1] and often choose Mont'ka strategy.[4b] Even when employing Kauyon tactics, Vior'la commanders use their own trademark aggression, luring in enemy assets to cause them to cry for aid before unleashing devastating ambushes.[6] The sept warriors of Vior'la are usually painted with hot colours, like red and orange, and usually have many Fire Warriors and Battlesuits.

The citizens of Vior'la are proud of their "edge", and their Earth Caste Scientists have been responsible for short-ranged high-impact weapons such as the Pulse Carbine and Pulse Blaster as well as the Onager Gauntlet. Its Water Caste are similarly forthright, known as hard-bargainers and profitable risk-takers.

Vior'la is one of the major septs and is a first phase colony. Its neighbours are Sa'cea, Arthas Moloch and Tau'n.[Needs Citation]


It is known that the Sept broke many of the Ork invasions and the most respected Fire caste academies reside there.[4a]

In 600.M40, Vior'la was invaded by a massive Ork fleet under Warboss Garskrak around the time of the Trial by Fire.[3] The inhabitants of the planet survived by closing around their cities the protective domes, and the brave Pathfinders[4c] lured the Ork hordes to the deadly plasma storms where they were destroyed by the raging radiation.[3][4c]

At an unknown date, Vior'la was again invaded, this time from the World Eaters Chaos Space Marines. The World Eaters horde is primarily made up of crazed Khorne Berzerkers and Chaos Spawns. However, the Tau's firepower and discipline seems the Chaos forces held at arms length until the rage of Khorne begins to break out amongst the Tau ranks. The Tau abandon long-distance tactics and engage the enemy in melee combat, which does not bode well for them. Millions die before a council of six Ethereals are scrambled to the site to lend their calming influence to the Fire Warriors. This restores order and allow the Tau to withdraw into orbit before the World Eaters can complete the slaughter.[5]