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Viper Class Scout Sloop

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A Viper Class Scout Sloop[1]

The Viper Class Scout Sloop is a model of small reconnaissance and escort ship used by the Imperial Navy and are among the smallest Imperial starships capable of carrying a Warp Drive. They are used mainly for short-term spy missions aimed at specific hostile regions, unlike the Dauntless Class Light Cruiser which conducts broad patrols over wide areas.[1]

A Viper Scout Sloop is equipped with powerful auspex and augur scanners to collect as much information in a hostile region as possible before quickly retreating to Warp Space in order to avoid enemy pursuit. It is, however, not a heavily armed class, as extensive weaponry would draw vital power from its sensor arrays and engines.[1]

Technical Specifications[1]

  • Dimensions: 950 meters long, 250 meters abeam
  • Mass: 4.9 megatonnes
  • Crew: 7,500
  • Acceleration: 6 gravities max

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