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This page contains spoilers for: The Infinite and the Divine (Novel)

Vishani was a genius Cryptek that served the Necron Ammunos Dynasty, and she was considered to be the greatest occult encoder of her age, during the War in Heaven.[1a]

In the early years of that conflict, the Ammunos Dynasty's Phaeron Nephreth refused to allow the Dynasty to undergo the Biotransference offered by the C'tan. He was so incensed by what his species would lose in the process, Nephreth used his Dynasty to wage war against the Star Gods. The Necrontyr of Ammunos killed their Phaeron, before seeking peace with the C'tan and then accepting the gift of immortality. However Nephreth's body was free of the genetic disease that blighted their species and the Dynasty sought to preserve his body in case they sought to undo the Biotransference[1b]. Vishani was charged with constructing a hidden tomb complex on Cephris, where Nephreth's body was hidden. As the complex was being constructed, she also created the gibberish filled Vishanic Manuscripts, and the Astrarium Mysterios device. Once properly translated, the Manuscripts unlocked the Astrarium Mysterios, which contained not only Cephris' location, but also served as a key to unlock the tomb complex. Shortly afterwards, Vishani disappeared from history and rumors abounded about her fate. Millennia later, most Necron came to believe that Vishani was kidnapped by a rival Cryptek, during the War in Heaven. According to these rumors, the Cryptek wanted Vishani to decipher and translate her Manuscripts as they were thought to contain the secrets of her Dynasty. When she refused, the Crpytek tortured her and Vishani finally relented as she began to die from her wounds. As the Cryptek came close to hear her answer, however, Vishani overloaded her body's reactor and killed them both in a massive explosion.[1a]

In M41, though, Orikan the Diviner discovered the truth, while using his powers to study the unlocked Astrarium Mysterios. Vishani had left a data-spirit of her personality within the device and she told Orikan that after Phaeron Nephreth's tomb complex was completed, the Ammunos Dynasty had sealed her within it as well.[1c] In truth, at some point Vishani had become possessed by the C'tan known as The Deceiver who used his Vishani persona to manipulate Orikan into opening Nephreth's tomb and freeing him.[1d] After the defeat of the C'tan Shard controlling Vishani, some fragment of her memory still seems to commune with Orikan.[1e]