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Void Dragon Phoenix

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A Void Dragon Phoenix

The Void Dragon Phoenix is a variant of the Eldar Phoenix fighter-bomber, flown by an Eldar Corsair warband known as the Void Dragons.[1]

The only difference between this variant and the original is the replacement of the fuselage Pulse Laser with twin-linked Starcannons. As the Void Dragons have sold their services to both the Craftworld Eldar and Dark Eldar, so too has the Void Dragon Phoenix flown in support of both brethren.[1][2]

Technical Information

Technical Information[1]
Length 12.6m
Height 3.4m
Wingspan 14.75m
Estimated Weight 6 tonnes
Armour 8-10mm material unknown
Combat Speed 60 kph
Miximum Recorded Speed 3100kph
Crew 2. Pilot, navigator
Armament Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannons,

Twin-linked Eldar missile launchers, twin-linked Starcannons

Main Ammunition Unknown
Payload Unknown


Void Dragon Phoenix miniatures (Aeronautica Imperialis)[3]