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Void Spinner

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Eldar Void Spinner by Epic[2]

The Void Spinner is one of the Engines of Vaul, and serves as a super-heavy Grav-tank for the Eldar race. These sinister vehicles were barely known to others and were unique to the Craftworld of Biel-Tan as well as a handful of others which followed the ideals of warrior supremacy.


Amongst the majority of the Eldar, the Void Spinner is considered an abomination, as it represents the most dangerous acts that their race is capable of, which is the misuse of their knowledge and power. Whilst the Eldar possess many ancient as well as powerful technologies, not all of them are meant for war; but to the inhabitants of Biel-Tan, anything which is capable of being used to destroy the usurpers of their powerful empire is acceptable in the course of war. This led to the Void Spinner being armed with the Voidspinner Array, a monofilament cannon similar to those seen on the smaller Night Spinner. However, the Void Spinner also unleashes a barrage of bacteria and wraithbone parasites which are the same used in the old times during the seeding, as well as nurturing of the Maiden Worlds. This leads to the scouring of all life from the target as they are not only killed by the constricting and slicing threads of the monofilament, but they are also broken down on a molecular level, with everything from flesh and bones, to rock and metal being affected.

The intended result of such an attack is the reason why most Eldar abhor the use of these vehicles. This is because in the minds of the Eldar, the methods used by the Void Spinner were intended to create life by shaping worlds to suit their race, not destroy it. Thus, the actions of the Void Spinners are typically met with revulsion except by the Biel-Tan, who see the destruction of their enemy as being a justifiable start. They also see the use of these vehicles in campaigns that scour all remnants of the "dirty" hands of Mankind, Orks, or any other race who's filthy actions have tainted the world the Biel-Tan are reclaiming from the time of the Fall of the Eldar. Once these cleansing is complete, the Biel-Tan Eldar seek to continue the restoration of the world and seed new Exodite colonies as part of their futile struggle in bringing back the glory of the lost Eldar Empire.[1]


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