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Voidraven Bomber

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Voidraven Bomber

The Voidraven Bomber is a type of Dark Eldar aircraft.[1]


Though considered by the Dark Eldar to be the ultimate in heavy weapon deployment, the Voidraven Bomber is an extremely agile aircraft capable of outmaneuvering Imperial aircraft with ease. In addition, Voidravens are equipped with sonic dampening systems, making them virtually silent to unsuspecting victims below. Equipped with Void Lances or Dark Scythes[3] and missiles, the Voidraven is well suited for ground attack missions. However, this is not its most feared weapon. Each Voidraven carries a single Void Mine which introduces darklight into real space in a catastrophic implosion that leaves nothing but an enormous hemispherical crater in its wake. It is for this reason that Voidravens are one of the most feared weapons deployed by the Dark Eldar.[1]

Missile Types

The Voidraven can be equiped with one of several known types of weaponry[1]:

  • Monoscythe missiles — designed to release a wave of energy at head-height upon impact, decapitating nearby foes.[1]
  • Necrotoxin missiles — Filled with deadly neuropoisons, it fires shards of toxic shrapnel when it detonates, killing and pinning the enemy.[1]
  • Shatterfield missiles — has two separate detonation chambers, first one sucks away all warmth, turning the foe into ice-like statues. The second one sends out a powerful force that blows the brittle enemy to pieces.[1]
  • Implosion missiles — large missiles that cause the enemy hit by the explosion to instantly implode and collapse onto themselves, leaving behind nothing except charred remains.[1]

Known Named Voidravens and its Pilots


Voidraven Bomber miniature


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