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A Voidsman

Voidsmen-at-Arms, known informally as Voidsmen, are the armed infantry of Imperial Navy warships.

Trained extensively in the use of Lasguns, the prime duty of Voidsmen is to prevent enemy boarding actions and put down any uprising by the large numbers of indentured workers on Imperial Navy vessels. However they are not merely defensive in nature, and are trained to conduct counter-boarding actions and act as escort for navy officers. For this, they are equipped with not only Lasguns but also Concussion Grenades, Laspistols, Shotguns, Flak Armour. Some wield heavier Rotor Cannons, known as the deck cleaner.[1]

When a Voidsman is assigned to their ship, there is no going back. From that day on they are part of the vessel. They take part in the ship's vital fluids in a solemn ceremony, drinking incense-laced oil so that the ships essence flows through their bloodstream. Upon induction they swer an oath of fealty to not just their superiors but to the vessel on which they serve. Their lives are simple and absent of the moral ambiguity that haunts much of the Imperium. For a Voidsman, their ship must be protected at all cost and that is all that matters.[1]

Voidsmen are typically led by experienced troopers promoted from within their ranks known as Voidmasters or also archaic terms such as petty officer or warrant officer. These officers are frequently equipped with Shotguns.[1]

It is not uncommon for Voidsmen to be requisitioned by the Inquisition or even Rogue Traders.


Notable Voidsmen