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Volkhar Wreth

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Volkhar Wreth was a member of the Word Bearers during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

A member of the Crusader Host on Terra, Wreth never stopped worshiping the Emperor as a god. After the Battle of Isstvan III, Wreth along with the rest of the Traitor Legion members of the Crusader Host were imprisoned in The Vault. Wreth was subsequently freed from Word Bearers forces under his previous disciple Sor Talgron as well as the Dark Apostle Jarulek. Wreth became disgusted when he discovered from Talgron that Lorgar had turned against the Emperor.[1a]

For his loyalty, Wreth would pay dearly. Ambushed by Talgron and Jarulek who wielded an Athame, Wreth was mauled. They removed Wreth's primary heart and mutilated his body. Jarulek then took a flask with a Daemon inside and placed it within Wreth's unconscious and slowly dying body. Wreth awakened, looking to Talgron but was given no aid. They then left Wreth and the daemon in a hole in the Vault chamber until years had passed when it would be unleashed.[1b]