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Volorin Kendar

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Volorin Kendar was a Rogue Trader, who wrote Of Hel-shorn Razordust and Infernal Sand-ticks, An Account of Twelve Years Among The Foronikan People.[1]

This occurred after he was forced to land upon the Imperial world Foronika, in order to avoid his pursuing creditors. Kendar would then go on to write about his daily life on the world, for the next 12 years, in incredible detail. His writings were later taken from the Rogue Trader, after he was caught and over a period of nine hundred years, they passed through many hands. One of those was the Adeptus Mechanicus, who learned through Kendar's writings that Foronika held vast deposits of Blackstone. This led them to begin heavily mining the world for the material. In M42, Lord Commander Guilliman sought to gather such texts together and the Mars Tech Priest Zuxor Lispis soon sent Kendar's writings, to the Historitor Alfus Rekorik Smigh.[1]

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