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Royal Volpone 50th

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"True to the Throne and hard to kill!"
- Battle-pledge of the Volpone Bluebloods.

The Royal Volpone 50th (known as the 'Bluebloods') were a Royal Volpone regiment of the Astra Militarum known to have fought in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.[1a]


During the Crusade, the Royal Volpone 50th were the main Guard force present on Voltemand, with the regiment's commanding officer, General Noches Sturm, also possessing overall command of the Voltemand theatre.[1a]

Elements of the regiment were also present for the assault on Nero Hive during the Caligula campaign, operating alongside the Raymian 13th and 16th[1b], and on Nacedon.[1c]

Later the Bluebloods fought in the Monthax campaign. A unit of the regiment's veterans from the Tenth Brigade, led by Major Gilbear, formed an escort guard for Inquisitor Lilith Abfequarn.[1e]


The Royal Volpone 50th wore grey and gold uniforms.[1a][1e] Members of the regiment's veteran elite, the Tenth Brigade, wore an indigo aquila on the collar of their armour.[1e]

The regiment's weapons, manufactured in the workshops of Leipaldo, were generally coloured black.[1e]


At the time of the Voltemand campaign, the regiment consisted of at least 7,000 Guardsmen. Most of the regiment's strength consisted of heavy infantry, but it also included motorised and armour units for support.[1a]

A number of the Volpone 50th's veterans were equipped with Stormtrooper-equivalent wargear, including carapace armour and hot-shot lasguns.[1e]

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