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Royal Volpone

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A soldier of the 50th Volpone[1a].

The Royal Volpone were Imperial Guard Regiments active during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.


Drawn from the aristocratic families of Volpone, the Royals were proud to the point of arrogance.[2a] The 50th, in particular, called themselves "the Bluebloods"[2a][2b], considering themselves "the noblest regiment in the Imperial Guard."[2a]

Notable Regiments

  • The 50th Volpone was commanded by Colonel Noches Sturm at the time of its deployments on Voltemand[2a] and Monthax[2b], where they clashed with their fellow regiment, the Tanith First and Only. In particular, there were allegations (though no formal inquiry was made) that Sturm deliberately bombarded the Tanith soldiers' forward line, out of pique that the "Ghosts" had managed to capture the Chaos stronghold which had successfully resisted the Volpones.[2a][3c] The 50th was also under Sturm's command when he won his famous victory on Grimoyr.[1b]