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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Vorlese px
Segmentum: Segmentum Solar[1]
Sector: Unknown
Subsector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium[1]
Class: Unknown
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Vorlese is an Imperial world.[1]


Vorlese is a advanced, productive, and wealthy world that is typical of Segmentum Solar. It sits at the center of one of the eight major Warp routes to Terra, making it a vital strategic world. After the 13th Black Crusade and the formation of the Great Rift, it was assaulted by the Black Legion in an attempt to shut down all the access routes to and from Terra. The Black Legion planned to drop a gigantic shard of a Cadian Pylon onto Vorlese, using its null energies to shut down Warp Travel in the area.[1]

In the subsequent Battle of Vorlese, the PDF forces on the planet held out the best they could against the Chaos Space Marine assault while the orbiting Black Legion Grand Cruiser was boarded by Custodes and Sisters of Silence. They managed to prevent the Chaos forces from dropping the Pylon shard onto Vorlese long enough for Roboute Guilliman's fleet to arrive, which subsequently defeated the Chaos fleet and liberated Vorlese.[1]

The Vorlese corridor was subsequently used by the Indomitus Crusade for outgoing fleets to journey into the greater Imperium Sanctus.[2]

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