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Vorn Hagen

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Vorn Hagen was once the Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists and he well known for his precision of word and deed.[1a]


Vorn Hagen was Captain of the Imperial Fists 5th Company. Stern and resolute, he exemplifies Rogal Dorn's vision of a Space Marine. Hagen is notorious for his precision and disciplinary nature and sees artistry in war that few of his battle-brothers acknowledge. The only time a crack in his composure has been seen has been when confronted with recklessness on the part of his allies. It is said his favorite passage from the Book of Dorn concerns how a plan of a month's forging can be destroyed by a moment's blunder. Decades before his ascension as a mere Scout, Hagen closely studied the exploits of Lysander and as he rose through the ranks he secretly saw himself following in Lysander's footsteps.[1a]

Hagen fought alongside with Lysander and Chapter Master Vladimir Pugh in the Infestation on Drashin, Hagen was promoted to Chapter Master after the death of Pugh in the battle. Lysander was the first choice, but refused the honor.[1b]

During the Invasion of Taladorn, Hagen held exemplary command over half the Imperial Fists' companies, coming to lead the 5th as a part of the organization that followed Lysander's return.[1a]

Hagen later died Defending Terra in the aftermath of the Great Rift's creation and was succeeded by Gregor Dessian.[2]

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