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Scipio Vorolanus

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Ultramarines Sergeant. For other uses of Scipio, see Scipio (disambiguation).

Scipio Vorolanus is a Space Marine Sergeant from the Ultramarines 2nd Company, under Captain Cato Sicarius. His Tactical Squad, nicknamed "The Thunderbolts," specializes in reconnaissance and Deep strike missions, especially when dedicated Scout units are not available.[1a]


Black Reach

During the Assault on Black Reach in 855 M41[1b], the Thunderbolts were deployed to Black Reach with the rest of the Second Company against Waaagh! Zanzag, and formed part of the Drop Pod assault launched by Sicarius. Scipio fought valiantly against several heavily-armed Ork Nobs, allowing the Ultramarines to liberate Ghospora Hive, though the Thunderbolts lost one of their own, Brother Hekor [2b].

During the subsequent hunt for Warboss Zanzag's lair, Sicarius ordered Scipio and four of his best Marines to attach themselves to Sergeant Telion's Scout Squads, and managed to discover the Orks' base, a vast natural cavern[2c].

During the subsequent assault launched by Sicarius, the Thunderbolts fought bravely, as the battle carried the Orks and Space Marines into the surrounding open area, where Sicarius killed Zanzag in single combat[2d].

Scipio had mixed feelings at the end of the campaign. If the Second Company was divided between those who admired their Captain's valour and those who criticized him for his recklessness, Scipio belonged to neither faction at the beginning of the campaign, but at the end leaned towards the wary. On the one hand, he had witnessed Sicarius's bravery firsthand, and felt the inspiring effects of his leadership; on the other, he could not forget the lives of the Ultramarines with which Sicarius had won victory[2a][2d].


During the Damnos Incident, Vorolanus and his squad were deployed to Damnos along with the rest of the Second Company[4].


During the attack of the Bloodborn on Ultramar, in 854999.M41[1b], the 2nd Company was deployed to Espandor. After some initial skirmishes, Captain Sicarius decided that the best way to bring the campaign to a swift end was to locate and kill the attacking force's commander, the Corsair Queen Kaarja Salombar[3a][3b]. Several squads were dispatched to infiltrate the enemy camps. The Thunderbolts were dispatched to the city of Corinth.

Through a combination of guile, ingenuity, and hard fighting, the Thunderbolts made their way into the city, posing as Chaos Space Marines. For the next week, Scipio and his battle-brother Nivian, who had lost an arm taking an enemy Rhino, did a foot patrol to find Salombar. All they found was a disordered, fractious army, which disgusted both Astartes[3c].

Running low on supplies and knowing that they needed to act, Scipio and the Thunderbolts charged the Bloodborn's stronghold, and held off the enemy forces long enough to confirm Salombar's presence[3d][3e]. As soon as they signaled their Company's HQ, Scipio was surprised when Sicarius arrived with reinforcements, almost immediately. Sicarius himself summoned the Thunderbolts to fight alongside his Command Squad as he engaged Salombar in single combat[3f]. When the Corsair Queen lopped off Ancient Vandius's arm, Scipio prevented the Company Standard from touching the ground and bore it aloft in Vandius's place. The Corsair Queen was the better sword-fighter, and managed to critically wound Sicarius, but he seized her and held her still while Scipio impaled her through the back with the standard. With her dead, the rest of the Bloodborn scattered quickly[3g].

Sicarius explained that he had already deployed the bulk of the 2nd Company to Corinth, on a hunch that Salombar would make her base there. Scipio expressed some doubt about the Captain's recklessness, and was rankled when Sicarius brushed this aside and claimed full credit for the victory on Espandor[3g].