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Vortex Weapon

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Vortex Weapons are some of the most deadly weapons available and, while coming in many shapes and sizes, operate on the same principle of creating a gaping hole in reality. Like a black hole anything that comes in contact with this rift, whether matter or energy, is effectively wiped from existence as it is sucked into the nightmare realm known as the Immaterium and turned into the very stuff of the Warp. Along with their destructive potential, Vortex weapons are also unpredictable, with the resulting warp rift traveling across the battlefield at random until eventually vanishing.[1]

Imperial Vortex Weapons

Vortex Grenade

Main Article: Vortex Grenade
The Vortex Grenade is a small hand-held devices which is small enough to be thrown at a target. Despite its size, it is still capable of causing immense destruction and can cripple even the largest warmachines.

Vortex Missile

Main Article: Vortex Missile
Vortex Missiles are launched by either Imperial Titans or Deathstrike Missile Launchers.

Vortex Torpedo

Main Article: Vortex Torpedo
The largest and most destructive, Vortex Torpedoes can cause entire ship sections to simply vanish.

Annihilator Cannon

Main Article: Annihilator Cannon
A starship mounted Vortex Weapon used during the Horus Heresy by the Dark Angels.

Vortex Bolts

Main Article: Vortex Bolts
Extremely rare miniature Vortex weapons crafted into Bolter rounds.[2]

Eldar Vortex Weapons

Distortion Cannon

Main Article: D-Cannon
The Distortion Cannon or D-Cannon is a squad support weapon typically mounted on an anti-gravity platform, or a much larger version mounted on the Cobra.


Main Article: Wraithcannon
The Wraithcannon, while similar to the D-Cannon, is carried by Wraithguards into battle and powered by the psychic energy of their spirit stones.


Main Article: D-Scythe and Heavy D-Scythe
The D-Scythe leaves behind no damage or visible blast, but simply strips the soul from a victims body.

Vortex Torpedoes

Main Article: Vortex Torpedo
Eldar Vortex Torpedoes are arguably even more deadly than their Imperial counterparts thanks to their superior technological capabilities.

Dark Eldar

Vortex Torpedoes

Main Article: Vortex Torpedo
Dark Eldar Vortex Torpedoes are just as deadly as those used by their Eldar cousins.

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